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24-Year-Old Who Desperately Wants Baby Before Hitting Early Menopause Issues Plea For Help

A 24-year-old who desperately wants children is crowdfunding for a third cycle of IVF, after doctors told her she is heading towards an early menopause.  Emma Kershaw, from Gold Coast, Queensland is hoping to raise $10,000 (approx £5,790) on GoFundMe.com so that she can have a child. She has already had two cycles of IVF, amounting to $20,000AUD…

Acupuncture Found To Reduce Hot Flushes In Half Of Menopausal Women

Acupuncture can help reduce the frequency of hot flushes in women going through the menopause, according to new research. A study by scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, US, found that in menopausal women, eight weeks of acupuncture treatment reduced the frequency of hot flushes by almost half, for roughly 50% of the group. Nancy Avis,…