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Emmaus Charity Has Helped 11,000 Homeless People Make A Fresh Start Through Fixing Furniture

“Without Emmaus I would have probably ended up dying on the streets,” says Sean, 56. He’s just one of the 11,000 homeless people Emmaus has helped to make a new start since it launched 25 years ago. The charity, which celebrated its momentous birthday this weekend, provides homeless people with a roof over their heads,…

Scotland’s Pledge To Cut Food Waste By 33% By 2025 Hailed As ‘Big Victory’ By Campaigners

Campaigners have hailed Scotland’s landmark decision to cut food waste by a third over the next decade as a “big victory”. Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said food waste in Scotland will be slashed by 33% by 2025, which could save businesses and households across the country at least £500 million. The Cabinet Secretary said: “The…

Love In A Hopeless Place: Meet The Couples Who Beat Desperate Situations With Devotion

In a world where violence, fear and insecurity dominate the news, one constant remains. Amid the most challenging of situations, people still manage to fall in love. “I think we can become very cynical,” says Arabella Russell, a counsellor for Relate. “When we hear ‘Love conquers all’ we can easily look at all the examples…