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What Would Happen To Our Bodies If We Didn’t Sleep? Ted-Ed Video Explains Extreme Sleep Deprivation

Around a third of the UK population has trouble sleeping and unfortunately, sleep deprivation can have a serious effect on our health. The above TED-Ed video, created by Claudia Aguirre, explores what would happen to our bodies if we didn’t sleep at all. The video tells the story of Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old high school…

Mental Health Awareness Week: Half Of Employees Have Never Been Asked About Stress, Anxiety Or Depression By A Manager

You may readily discuss your bad back with your boss, but when was the last time you discussed your mental health? Half of all employees have never been asked about stress, depression or anxiety in a 1-2-1 with their manager, a study has found. This is despite more than three quarters (76%) of business leaders…

WISE WORDS: Cheryl Baker On Achieving Her Eurovision Dream, Staying Positive And The Joy Of Family Life And Being On Stage With Bucks Fizz

It’s been over 30 years since Cheryl Baker won the Eurovision Song Contest as a member of Bucks Fizz with the insanely catchy ‘Making Your Mind Up’ (and a little help from those disappearing skirts). MORE WISE WORDS: Robbie Savage On Ponytails And Dealing With Disappointment Helen Lederer On Self-Belief And Switching Off With The…