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Meditation Illustrator Mike Medaglia On Why His ‘One Year Wiser’ Weekly Colouring Book Will Help Us Focus

Colouring books are no longer an activity limited to children, as adults are choosing to grab their crayons and get creative as a meditation technique. Illustrator Mike Medaglia is known for promoting calmness through his meditation comics, and he’s now used his talents to create his first colouring book. Called ‘One Year Wiser’, the book…

100 People Celebrated For ‘Making UK Happy’, Including Oliver Speight And Britain’s Oldest Female Triathlete

Britain’s oldest female triathlete and an artist who turned a phone box into a library are among 100 people being celebrated for making the UK a happier place. The list of unsung heroes in the Independent on Sunday Happy List is made up of people nominated by the public and is described as an antidote to…

Could Saying ‘Thank You’ Help Protect Against Heart Disease?

When was the last time you said thank you? Those two little words may be more powerful than you realise. Expressing gratitude doesn’t just warm your heart, it may also make it healthier, according to a new study. Research published by the American Psychological Association found that heart patients who regularly expressed gratitude experienced improved…