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Sleep Helps Boost Immune System By Helping Body ‘Remember’ Previous Germs, Researchers Suggest

Studies have long shown that sleep sharpens our ability to recall memories and information. But in a new research paper, scientists have suggested getting some extra shut-eye can improve our immune system in the same way. According to academics from the University of Tübingen in Germany, sleep improves our ability to “remember” encounters with bacteria…

WISE WORDS: Lulu Talks Meditation, Her Scottish Roots And New Album, ‘Making Life Rhyme’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In the latest of our new WISE WORDS interview series – where stars from a whole range of walks of life share the important lessons they’ve learned along the way – we’re chatting to Lulu. MORE WISE WORDS: Robbie Savage On Ponytails And Dealing With Disappointment Cecilia Ahern: ‘Being Left Out Made Me Want To…

Homeless People Share One Thing About Themselves That Will Challenge Your Stereotypes Of Them

While there have been plenty of stories in the last year to challenge stereotypes about homelessness, the installation of anti-homelessness spike by Selfridge’s Manchester store shows we have a long way yet to go. This series of photos posted by one Imgur user confronts our worst opinions about homeless people by revealing one critical fact…