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15 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic as HELL

Thanks to the internet, the things we used to love as kids will be immortalized forever. So, take a trip down memory lane with us, to a time when things seemed just a little simpler… …And bullies took our lunch money.  Ah, sweet, sweet memories. 1. via Hcfielden 2. via ericseliz 3. via secretsofthefed 4. via cheekytlacuache 5. via whydoineedtopickausername…

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10 Times April and Andy Won More Than Just Each Other’s Hearts

Few couples are more bizarrely different from each other than these two, but they will for sure be buried on top of each other after death and haunt Pawnee together as the cutest ghost couple in the world/afterlife.  1.  via tumblr    2. via tumblr 3. via tumblr 4. via rebloggy 5. via aknightinarkham 6. via recandpark 7. via hardcoreslinkies 8. via fuckyeahaprilandandy…

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18 Hilarious ‘Springfield Shopper’ Headlines from The Simpsons

In a world where fake news runs amuck, it is nice to know that some publications, like The Springfield Shopper, remain intent on presenting unbiased, hard-hitting news to the public. May their journalistic integrity reign forever. 1. via TipMcVenus 2. via pinterest 3. via gunther-centralperk 4. Not The Springfield Shopper, but please, take note of this….