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British Airways Might Be Scrapping Free Meals On Long-Haul Flights

British Airways may scrap free meals on its long-haul flights, the company’s chairman has said. The news comes after the airline ditched its complimentary menu on some short-haul flights earlier this year, in favour of selling Marks & Spencer goods instead.  The menu change left many of its customers reeling, with some calling the airline an “overpriced Ryanair”. Despite…

Time Out Accused Of ‘Disrespecting Chinese Culture’ For Comparing Traditional Dumplings To Spots

Time Out London has been accused of “disrespecting Chinese culture” by comparing Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) to spots in a new video.  In the clip, created to promote London restaurant Dumplings Legend, people can been seen bursting the traditional dumplings with chopsticks.  The video was posted alongside the status: “Love popping spots AND eating…

Best Burger Restaurants In London: From Hache To Patty & Bun

Once synonymous with soggy buns and grey meat patties, London’s burger restaurants have shed their greasy reputation. Now they’re serving everything from lobster and rosemary-infused fries to tarragon mayonnaise and braised field mushroom. Oo-er. From Burger and Lobster’s posh twist to Honest Burgers finger-licking-good rosemary fries, here are our favourite London burger joints. Trust us,…