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British Airways Scraps Free Flight Food In Favour Of M&S Sarnies (And People Aren’t Impressed)

British Airways has revealed it will be ditching its complimentary menu on short-haul flights and selling Marks & Spencer goods instead.  The new menu will feature items from M&S’ ‘Food on the Move’ section including hot bacon rolls and Aberdeen Angus beef sandwiches, with prices ranging from £1 to £4.95.  While the range promises to…

Microwave Meal Containers Can ‘Leak Carcinogenic Toxins Onto Food’, Warns Expert

A nutritionist has aired his concerns around using microwaves, which he wholeheartedly believes are dangerous to health.  Food and fitness nutritionist Rick Hay claims that carcinogenic toxins leak out of the plastic containers which microwave meals come in, and end up in our food. He told the Mail Online: “Obviously the more you use the…