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Should The Milk Go In First Or Last? Internet Debates How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

For years, tea drinkers have been divided over whether milk goes in first or last. And now it seems the internet wants the matter settled. To coincide with National Tea Day, Rachel Hawkins tweeted the masses asking: “Milk in first or last?” At the time of writing, she’d had over 5,000 responses, with most people (80%) agreeing that…

Best Steak Restaurants In London

When it comes to steak, the last thing you want is an overcooked or flaccid number. Especially as it’s often the most expensive thing on the menu. To protect you from such misfortune, we’ve rounded up London’s best steak restaurants. From Hawksmoor to Flat Iron, Europe to Argentina, fillet to T-bone, we’ve got the capital’s…