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Toblerone’s Triangle Change And 8 Other Confectionery Changes That Ruined Our Lives

On Tuesday, Britain woke up to the heartbreaking news that Toblerone’s much-loved triangle-shaped bar had changed. The chocolate bar’s manufacturer issued a statement on Facebook which said it had increased the gap between peaks on its bars so they can continue to offer customers “good value for money”. The move provoked fury from fans, with…

Brits Are Ruining Spaghetti Bolognese, Italian Chef Antonio Carluccio Says

Spaghetti bolognese has long been a family favourite among Brits looking to get a little taste of Italy into their lives. But according to chef Antonio Carluccio, we’re all massacring the classic Italian dish.  He claims us Brits are overloading our bolognese with herbs and veering far from the original recipe.  mikafotostok via Getty Images…

Rio 2016 Olympic Village Food Waste Turned Into Three-Course Dinners By Italian Chef Massimo Bottura

Leftovers from the Olympic Village in Rio are being used to create three-course meals at an “avant-garde soup kitchen” from one of the world’s best chefs. Feeding the athletes over 16 days is expected to produce 12 tonnes of food waste, which was destined to be burned or thrown in the bin. Italian chef Massimo…