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Gluten-Free Diets Are ‘Not Healthier’ If You Don’t Have Coeliac Disease, Doctors Warn

Eating gluten-free food is not healthier than sticking to a regular, balanced diet for most people, doctors have warned. In an American study, experts noted that many people who do not have coeliac disease – a digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to gluten – are unnecessarily opting to eat gluten-free food. They warned…

Fit Fix: Shona Vertue On Weight Training To Classical Music And Why She Never Skips Dessert

Shona Vertue is known for her impressive and gravity-defying yoga postures on Instagram and as a woman who oozes positivity in the fitness world. The Aussie-born personal trainer believes self-love and worthiness is an important trait, especially when it comes to staying healthy. She combines weights and cardio into her weekly training schedule as well as practising…