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Best Fitness Snapchat Accounts: 14 Accounts You Need To Follow To Inspire Your Workout

Fitspiration is everywhere these days, motivating us to be our healthiest selves and spend a little more time in the gym than in the pub. But sometimes those aspirational Instagram accounts, with sculpted bodies and fancy gyms can seem a little detached from the reality of our sweaty, breathless time on the treadmill.   John…

‘Louise Parker Method’ Helped Emma Thompson Lose Weight, But What Is It And Is It Safe?

Emma Thompson has reportedly dropped two dress sizes in six weeks thanks to the holistic lifestyle plan ‘The Louise Parker Method’. The method encourages participants to create healthier habits relating to diet, fitness, sleep, mental wellbeing and more, with the aim of resetting our overall lifestyles for good.  Thompson, who is believed to have gone…