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Woman Documents Life As A Permanent Third Wheel With Hilarious Instagram Account

A woman has been documenting her life as a permanent third wheel, showing single people everywhere they’re not alone. The unnamed woman posts hilarious photos of herself photobombing happy couples to the Instagram account Third Wheel Extravaganza.  “Ah, love. It makes the world go round. Unless you’re me. Then you just lurk in the background…

This Beautiful Celebration Of Interracial Love Is What The World Needs Right Now

People from all ethnicities and races are celebrating their interracial relationships on Twitter with #POCinlove (short for ‘people of colour in love’). The hashtag was created last year by Twitter user @BeautyInColor, but she decided to revive it again this ahead of Valentine’s Day. Since then, hundreds of people of colour have shared photos of themselves and…

Couple Has Nude Wedding In Front Of Strangers After Family Too Embarrassed To Attend

Please note: This article includes images containing nudity. A couple got married in front of complete strangers with no family present – so they could wed in the nude.  British-born Jeff Adams, 54, and New Zealand partner Sue Adams, 47, wore nothing but their birthday suits to tie the knot in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, in…