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World’s Best Boyfriend Proposes With Rescue Kitten And It’s Unbelievably Adorable

When Kat Woodley visited an animal shelter with her boyfriend recently, she expected to come away with a new pet. But her partner of two years, Jerad Forsyth, had something extra in mind. As Woodley was handed a kitten at SPCA in Erie County, New York, she noticed the words “will you marry me??” written on its tag….

City Installs Floor-Based Traffic Lights To Protect Smartphone-Addicted Teens

Smartphone addiction is real problem. It’s making us anti-social at dinner, sleep badly at night and it’s killing our ability to talk like normal people. Its gotten so bad in the city of Augsburg, Germany that young millenials are now so engrossed in their phones that they’re entirely oblivious to pedestrian crossings. After two seriously…