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15 Parents Reveal the Most Expensive Sh*t Their Demon Spawn Have Ruined

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Children are a gift from god and precious little angels. Except when they are literally Satan’s minions hellbent on destroying your sanity and the things you love. We don’t know about you, but reading this was basically virtual birth control and we’re never having kids.  1. via sugarcunts 2. via TheFlyInTheOintment 3. via danieljay691 4….

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Captain Planet’s Facebook Page Is Supportive Of Equal Rights, Shocking Captain Planet Fans

The Facebook page for Captain Planet is pretty much what you’d expect for the brand defined by 90s environmentalism – lots of old clips from the show, messages promoting environmental causes and holidays, and a generally progressive, positive view of things. Because, in case you missed the message of Captain Planet, that’s sorta the whole…