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12 Memes Sweeter Than the Sweet Release of Death

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In order to continue, please deposit several coins into the suicide joke jar. 

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Thank you for your patronage. You may now chuckle at the eternal pain.

1. Please, be nicer to me cards

via PatrickBaitman

2. Why talk about the pain when you can end it?

via PrimeTube

3. Even my food wants me to die

via krizzlekroo7

4. I mean, it does have a nice look to it

via gilded_gipfeli

5. As a thrifty man, I’d be a fool not to

via where_aremy_pants

6. I like these odds

via TheSherlockOhms

7. Each stick brings me closer to sweet release

via 2meirl4meirl

8. But actually, don’t kill yourselves everyone. You gotta wait it out until

via dabmoms

9. Top 10 Greatest Pranks of All Time

via mitjes69

10. The iPhone X includes the very handy “turn that smile upside-down” feature

via 3054031265

11. WHO’S WITH ME?!?!


12. 😍 Gonna turn myself medium-rare 😍

via Deadman1437

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